Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Pushpay?
2. Is Pushpay secure?
3. What if I lose my phone?
4. Can someone help me use Pushpay?
5. How do I use Pushpay?
6. Should I pay with a card or bank account?
7. Are recurring gifts a good idea?
8. How do I edit my Pushpay account info (including payment info)?
9. I am having trouble with the security code.
10. Why do you use Pushpay?

Q: What is Pushpay?

A: Pushpay® is a fast, free, and fun way to give to your church and other charities. Make secure 10 second payments from your iOS/Android smart device or your computer. Just load your payment details once, and you're ready to go!

Q: Is Pushpay secure?

A: Yes! According to PushPay, "Our primary concern is ensuring all data is kept safe and our systems remain robust, reliable, and usable. Proactive security requires continuous awareness and improvement. Regular reviews, penetration tests and working with world class security professionals helps Pushpay® to proactively identify and respond to risk. We have a security culture of continuous learning and improvement that aims to adapt to a changing online world." For more info:

Q: What if I lose my phone?

A: No transaction can be completed without a security code. And none of your credit card or bank information is stored on your phone. It is actually safer to use PushPay than to a carry credit or debit card. For more info click here. If you have lost your phone click here.

Q: Can someone help me use PushPay?

A: Yes! For help setting up your account, ask one of our CSIC leaders for assistance. You can also email or call the church office at (252) 332-6113, Monday-Thursday, 9 AM-3PM.

Q: How do I use PushPay?

A. It's easy! The initial setup requires a few steps, but afterward, you can give in as little as 10 seconds! Simply click: and then follow the instructions that appear. If you like, you can use the steps below to guide you as you make your transaction. 

  • Go to the giving page here.

    • Enter the dollar amount.

    • Choose to give one time or make an automatic recurring gift. (Your selection will be highlighted in orange.)

    • Select the fund you wish to give to (e.g. "tithes & offerings" or "missions")

    • Click "Next."

    • Enter your mobile number and click "Send code" to receive a security code by text message.

    • Enter the code you receive and click "Confirm."

    • Check the box to contribute to processing costs if you wish.

    • Enter your credit/debit card or bank account information.

    • Click "Give." You're done!

Q: Should I pay with a card or bank account?

A: You are free to choose whichever method you like. However, if possible, we prefer that you give directly from your bank account instead of a credit or debit card. This reduces processing fees so that more resources can go toward other ministry needs such as youth or missions. If you choose to cover processing fees, this selection also saves you money! To give from your bank account, all you need is your bank account number and routing number which can be found on one of your checks.  

Q: Are recurring gifts a good idea?

A: Yes! If you call Carpenter's Shop your church, we encourage you to give regularly. We appreciate your faithfulness and generosity to the Lord and to his Church---whether you give one gift at a time or set up automatic recurring payments from your bank or credit/debit card. However, we know that sometimes life happens and things can be forgotten. To make your life easier, we encourage you to set up recurring giving when you make your next gift on PushPay. This way you never have to try to remember if you gave your tithe, look for an usher if you didn't get an envelope, or think about other details if you're out of town. Recurring giving helps you to "honor the LORD...with the firstfruits of all your produce;" --Prov. 3:9

Q: How do I edit my PushPay account information (including payment info)?

A: You can edit your account info in the Pushpay App––not the My Church App. Both apps allow you to give, but only the red Pushpay App allows you to edit your account and payment information. Alternatively, you can edit this information or on your computer. See below.

  • To edit on your phone:

    • Exit out of the My Church App. (This is the blue-colored app where you access giving, the live stream, church announcements, etc.)

    • Open the Pushpay App. (This is the red-colored app that only allows you to complete tasks directly related to Pushpay giving.) If you do not have this app on your phone, please download it. When you open it, you will be prompted for your phone number. Be sure to enter the same mobile number associated with your account.

    • Go to Menu > Payment Methods.

  • To edit on a computer:

    • Go to the giving page by clicking the giving link.

    • Then scroll down and select "Manage my PushPay account" in small grey letters.

    • Alternatively, you can schedule a phone call to update your info, by emailing For security, please do not send card numbers or account numbers by email. (The Carpenter's Shop International is PCI compliant. We can add your new payment information, but we do not store your credit card or bank information on our servers.)

Q: I received a security code by text message to confirm my mobile number before I completed my transaction. But the code doesn't work because I lose my progress on the giving page after I view the code in my text messages. What do I do?

A: Exit and close all applications. Open your web browser, go to the church website (, and click "Give Online." This way, when you receive the text message containing the security code, you will be able to view the text message and then return to the web browser without losing your progress. 

Q: I am having trouble with "Fast Giving" mode. I am using the CSIC My Church app (not the Pushpay app.) 

A: To enable "Fast Giving" on the CSIC My Church app, you must click the little heart at the bottom of your screen to give. Then enable this feature after you give. Thereafter, you will be able to give in fast mode through either the little heart or the larger "give" button in the square on your home screen. 

Q: Why do you use PushPay?

A: PushPay makes giving fast, easy, and secure. It is one of the most advanced, award-winning technologies available today. Leading churches such as Hillsong (NYC) and Elevation Church (Charlotte) use PushPay to help members give generously and conveniently, reduce the number of things to remember, and make administration easier for staff. We are confident that PushPay will save us time and money by enabling our staff to focus on strategic planning. By doing so, we can work more effectively to improve every area of church life and impact the community. 


The Carpenter's Shop International Church is level 1 PCI-DSS compliant. Certified by Trustwave, we do not store credit card or bank account information on our servers. Payment information goes directly to Pushpay. We undergo monthly vulnerability scans conducted by First Data.