Pastor I'noli.jpg

I'noli Hall, executive pastor 

I'noli Hall is the executive pastor and youth pastor at CSIC. Having ministered to college students and at-risk youth in New England and South America for three years, Pastor I'noli returned home to CSIC in 2016. As the executive pastor, he manages the finances of the church and streamlines the church's operations. He envisions a thriving local church that overcomes barriers to success through sleek infrastructure. As the youth pastor, he aspires to create strong disciples who know the Father, love Jesus, and walk in the Holy Spirit. I'noli graduated from Yale University with a bachelor of arts in music.

Pastor Paul and Bonnie Edwards.jpg

Paul & Bonnie Edwards,
pastoral care pastors

Married for over 40 years, Paul and Bonnie Edwards care for the members of CSIC during the most vulnerable moments of life. Whether during an illness or the loss of a loved one, Pastor Paul is there. He carries a spirit of humility and faithfully brings prophetic encouragement to God's people.
Pastor Paul completed studies at Emmanuel College in north Georgia to become an ordained minister. Originally from Washington, NC, he has been a pastor since 1982 and in the ministry for over 50 years.

Gary and Maranda 3.jpg

Maranda & Gary Saunders, children's pastors

Gary and Maranda Saunders pastor the CSIC Kids Church. They have a unique gift for creativity that engages children at the elementary level. Pastor Maranda and Gary are known for their extravagant, annual Vacation Bible School (VBS) and original Christmas programs. A skilled craftsman, Gary builds stage production sets that make the Bible come alive. Each week, Maranda and Gary teach our little ones the keys of the Christian faith so they will grow up to be like Jesus. Pastor Maranda earned her bachelor of arts in ministry from Southeasteron University in Lakeland, FL.